Thursday, October 8, 2009


Unless you are Scottish, or have happened to have spent a couple of days driving around Scotland in a van with the with words "Ned Car" proudly displayed on every visible surface in giant lettering, you may not be familiar with the term "Ned".
Now, just to clarify, a "Ned Car" is not the same as a "Tea Mobile" (pronounced like T-Mobile). A "Tea Mobile" refers to a Ned's car, but "Ned Car" is a vehicle rental company in Amsterdam, and although the proprietor wasn't previously aware of what the term "ned" means in Scotland, we gave him the lowdown when we returned the vans we had rented.
Now I'm going to refer you to the Wiki entry for "Ned", and then you can imagine for yourself what it was like to drive the Ned Car around downtown Glasgow late on a Saturday night, the streets teaming with post-game football (that's soccer to you Yank!) fans and drunken revelers.
You can click on the pic below for a screenshot, or just go directly to the Wikipedia entry.

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